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Erika Pozzuoli, BSW, MSW, RSW

Owner| Social Worker | Pure Mentality

I am the owner, heart, and soul behind Pure Mentality. Besides all of those hats, I am also a social worker providing affordable counseling to children, youth, and adults ages 10+, through a trauma lens and 12 years experience in the mental health field.

It has been my passion to develop a holistic space and brand that encourages a conversation around mental health and breaking the stigma for help.

Along my small business journey, I have experienced, first hand, the toll the process can take on someone mentally. My story and struggles with burnout, loneliness, hyper independence and lack of support has encouraged me to reach out to others on the same path. I now offer private practice coaching and wellness services to support practitioners on their private practice journeys as well as small business owners with the mental health challenges this growth can encounter.

Working from a strengths based, person centered approach, I provide counseling through a multitude of modalities including CBT, DBT, Narrative Therapy, Play Therapy and many others to meet the unique needs of each individual client on their healing journey. I am also passionate about working with families to support the growth and meet the mental health needs of children and parents through communication, teamwork and inclusive care plans.

(519)- 968- 3410

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