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Affordable Counselling Program

Ilena De Menech

CCPA Designation


Natalia Funken

CYC Student

Behaviour Modification

Jada Schiefer

Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying)

CYC Student

Fatima Haidar

Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying)

CYC Student

At Pure Mentality, we are proud to offer a low cost counselling program to eligible individuals, as we believe finances should not be a barrier to receiving help when you need it. 

We offer quality services in a safe and welcoming environment. Our practitioners are qualifying psychotherapists or other mental health professionals receiving supervision from an experienced clinical supervisor. 

Services start at $25/ session for those who qualify and are provided by our student therapists listed below. Our other therapists also offer a limited number of affordable spots starting at $70 / session. Contact us to learn more about if you qualify and who you think is your best match. 

Need help deciding who the best fit for you is?

Email us or book a free inquiry and we can help!

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